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Terraclean - Healthy living for your car

Wouldn't you like to roll back the years and regain your car's performance and fuel efficiency? How about decreasing your fuel costs? Well, we can't offer you time travel, but we have the next best thing: TerraClean ™'s treatment for your car.

TerraClean ™ comes from Canada and is a massive success in North America, but it hasn't been in the UK for very long, so you may not have heard about it yet. Let us tell you more.

Over time, all internal combustion engines inevitably get affected by carbon build-up, which can develop from lower quality fuels and simply normal use, and this makes engines less efficient at transforming fuel into energy. Servicing your car regularly can somewhat slow down the process: changing your engine's air filter and fuel filter will help, as well as having your engine tuned up. But what your car needs is a thorough "detox", and this is exactly what TerraClean ™ does.

TerraClean ™ isn't like any old pour-in treatment. It is injected directly into the engine through the TerraClean ™ machine, straight into the fuel rail, bypassing the fuel tank, which means that it doesn't get diluted by getting mixed with the on-board fuel.

Furthermore, the TerraClean ™ machine is equipped with a unique reactor which creates the cleaning action: nano-technology targets carbon molecules one by one, and dissolves them without the need for aggressive solvents.

And it's not only for cars, TerraClean ™ can also be used for commercial vehicles and vans; for petrol as well as diesel.

Well-known motoring journalist Quentin Willson reported a 14% improvement in his car's fuel consumption in his Sunday Mirror column; TerraClean ™ garage network is the fastest growing in the UK and there must be a good reason for that!

Better Performance

Removing carbon deposits will improve your vehicle's performance and its drivability.

Fewer carbon emissions

TerraClean ™'s cleaning process removes carbon built-up from the engine and reduces your car's carbon emissions, which is good for the environment.

Save on your fuel costs

TerraClean ™ is able to remove pre-existing carbon built-up. A clean engine will be able to make better use of fuel and your MPG (Miles Per Gallon) will increase. That means savings on your fuel costs!

Our prices

Just £45.00

Class 4 MOT. Cars (up to 8 passengers Seats) and Motor Caravans. 3 Wheeled Vehicles (over 450kg unladen weight) Quads (max unladen weight 400kg- for goods vehicle 550kg and max. net power of 15kw)

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From only £100.00

Oil change, Spark plugs changed, Timing belt, Radiator, Antifreeze, Clutch operation, Suspension, Wheel bearings, Exhaust, Brakes, ABS, Fuel lines, Gearbox and much more checked.

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Just £50.00+VAT

Our fast and friendly tracking service, (aka ""wheel alignment') is where we test your wheels to ensure that they are set to the ideal position, as per the manufacturer's specifications.

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Just £50.00+VAT

When did you last have your Air-con recharged? Manufacturers recommend once every 2 years. Is your car not handling the heat as it once did? Our Air-con recharge service will cool you down.

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Just £195.00+VAT

Every Superchip we fit optimises performance and power delivery, giving improved acceleration with up to 30% more torque and power but, more importantly, can improve fuel economy.

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Just £42.00

Using manufacturer's systems, including: Vauxhall Tech 2, Ford IDS (also covers Jaguar, Mazda and LandRover), Renault Clip, Peugeot and Citroen, with Snap-On Modis for most other makes

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