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MOT Centre

Without a valid MOT certificate, you aren't allowed to drive your car and you won't be able to get insurance. But have you noticed, the time to have your vehicle's MOT check done always seems to spring on you when you are very busy and is often inconvenient? Yet, an annual MOT check is essential to ensure that vehicles on the road are safe for yourself and others, as well as meet environmental standards.

At A1 Autocare, we understand that you juggle a lot, so we send all our clients a reminder letter in good time so that you don't have to worry about forgetting your car's MOT check.

How often does my vehicle need an MOT check?

Most cars don't require an MOT check until they are 3 years old but there are some exceptions, so check the Department for Transport page if you are unsure. An annual MOT check is required annually for all vehicles after this initial period.

My vehicle's MOT expired but I made an appointment. Can I drive int he meanwhile?

You can have an MOT check performed up to a month before the expiry of your current certificate. But if it has expired, you are only allowed to drive your car to the garage for the purpose of the MOT check.

If you are one of our customers, we will send you a reminder letter so that you never have to be in this situation again.

If your vehicle fails its MOT check, you won't have to go anywhere else, A1 Autocare can repair it and re-test it for you.

Our prices

Just £45.00

Class 4 MOT. Cars (up to 8 passengers Seats) and Motor Caravans. 3 Wheeled Vehicles (over 450kg unladen weight) Quads (max unladen weight 400kg- for goods vehicle 550kg and max. net power of 15kw)

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From only £100.00

Oil change, Spark plugs changed, Timing belt, Radiator, Antifreeze, Clutch operation, Suspension, Wheel bearings, Exhaust, Brakes, ABS, Fuel lines, Gearbox and much more checked.

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Just £50.00+VAT

Our fast and friendly tracking service, (aka ""wheel alignment') is where we test your wheels to ensure that they are set to the ideal position, as per the manufacturer's specifications.

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Just £50.00+VAT

When did you last have your Air-con recharged? Manufacturers recommend once every 2 years. Is your car not handling the heat as it once did? Our Air-con recharge service will cool you down.

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Just £195.00+VAT

Every Superchip we fit optimises performance and power delivery, giving improved acceleration with up to 30% more torque and power but, more importantly, can improve fuel economy.

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Just £42.00

Using manufacturer's systems, including: Vauxhall Tech 2, Ford IDS (also covers Jaguar, Mazda and LandRover), Renault Clip, Peugeot and Citroen, with Snap-On Modis for most other makes

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